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Winchester, Virginia USA (changed hands 70 times in the Civil War!)
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Weapons (pre 1898) of the Civil War
Relicman Sales catalog

All items listed are guaranteed authentic to the Civil War or as otherwise described.
Any excavated relics have been recovered from private property with owners permission.
Any artillery or ordnance relics have been disarmed and rendered safe.
All weapons are pre 1898 antique weapons, and are exempt from Federal regulation, no licenses or permits are required.

W1478...Cavalry saber, Model 1840, Ames Mfg Co., Chicopee, 1857.
The model 1840 saber, called the "wrist breaker", was was a relatively heavy cavalry saber, and as it was manufactured before the Civil War, it saw extensive use by both sides during the war. Standard features include a relatively straight wooden handle without a swell, grip is covered with leather and twisted wire, brass hilt has three branches, brass pommel cap and guard are unadorned, steel blade has flat back with narrow and wide fuller stopped at the ricasso, iron scabbard with iron mountings. Manufactured by Ames Manufacturing Company, Chicopee, Massachusetts. Marks on ricasso, "AMES MFG CO / CHICOPEE / MASS" on left side, and "US / (inspector) / 1857" on right side. Additional inspector stampings, on pommel, and on upper hanger ring. Blade length 36in.
Ref: Thillmann Cav. & Arty. Sabers pg. 66.

Ames Mfg Co., Chicopee, 1857, inspected by JH, additional inspector stampings, "RHKW" and "JH" on pommel, "JH" on drag. The grip has leather wrap and wire intact, leather washer intact, clean blade, scabbard intact with smooth gray patina, outstanding example of the wrist breaker with desirable early date and matching inspector marks.
For Sale.............Sold.

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