The Civil War Relicman,
Harry Ridgeway.

Winchester, Virginia USA (changed hands 70 times in the Civil War!).
Authentic Civil War relics, bought and sold


Links to other sites.

Civil War Relicman, Harry Ridgeway, makes no guaranty or warranty about the honesty and authenticity of items offered by the other sites.  I absolutely reserve the right in my sole discretion to choose who I list and will reject sites that do not meet my ethical standards or which I deem to lack relevance to the purpose of my page, all such listing decisions at my sole discretion.  Further it is my policy to list only those commercial sites that will also list this site and those sites who disclose the name of the actual owner.

On line catalogs of Civil War relics:

Adolphus Confederate Uniforms, Fred Adolphus

American Civil War Relics, Ian Workman.

American Thunder Antiquities, Russ Lenzini.

Arizona Swords, David LaSlavic.

Army of Tennessee, Civil War Art & Artifacts, Nick Periut.

Atlanta Arsenal, Daniel Ogle.

Barry'd Treasure Civil War Relics, Barry Anderson.

Battery One Civil War relics at Brickhouserun Antiques, Daniel Moody.

Blue Gray Relics, A Piece of the Past, Mark Shuttleworth.

The Battery Relics, Cecil Hopper.

Blue Grey Relics, Jay Collier.

Bull Run Relics & Coins, John Embrey.

Bullet and,  Mike Ward and Carl Sitherwood.

CampSite Artifacts, Stephen Burgess.

Carolina Collectors Civil War Relics,  Rick Burton.

The Carolina Rebel, Joe Haile.

Champion Hill Relics, John Spicer.

Civil War Artilleryman,  Shane Neitzey.

Civil War Artillery, the Projectiles, Jack Melton.

Civil War Connection  Dan & Teresa Patterson.

Civil War Dealers, Jack Melton.

Civil War Relics, Bob Buttafuso.

Civil War Outpost,   Barry Banks.

Cole's Civil War Shop, Homer M. Cole.

Confederate Relics  Robert J. Manalli.

Corinth Civil War Relics, Stan Hughes.

CS Acquisitions,  Wallace & Brenda Markert.

CS Arms. com  Cliff Sophia.

CS Charles  Stafford.

Detector Source, Dan Patterson.

Dixieland Civil War Relics, Tom and Leslie Ivery.

Fairfax Relics, James Blevins.

The Foot Soldier Military Antiques, Jim Keith.

Franklin Relics, Bruce Hohler.

Genuine civil war relics, Matt Lockard.

Greybird Relics,  Butch Holcombe.

Hampton Road Relics, Brian Lown.

Isabela's 1789 George Washington Inaugural Buttons, Robert Silverstein.

The Historical Shop,  C. J. Delery, III .

J & W Civil War Relics, Jack Masters.

Lost and Found Relics, Dwayne and Wilma Davis.

Middle Tennessee Relics,  Larry Hicklen.   

Missouri Relics, Paul Arnold.

North Carolina Civil War Relics, Allen and Becky Gaskins

Old Line Relics, John S. Rierson.

Old   Robert W Simmons.

Picket Post, Tim Garrett, and Bill Henderson.

Powhatan Station, Bobby Manuel.

Rebel Relics, Brian Akins.

Richmond Arsenal Civil War Antiques, Jerry Fertitta.

Richmond Civil War Relics, Robert Blackwell.

Robert Coli's Civil War Relic Room.

Robert Parham's Civil War Relics and Memorabilia.

Saving the South Relics, Scott Lawrence, Brad Livengood, Rodney Everhart.

Sayler's Creek Relics, Paul Rice.

Sharpsburg Arsenal, Donald E. Stoops.

Shiloh Civil War Relic,   Rafael  and Lori Eledge.

Shotwell Antiques,  including the "Dogpile", Olin Shotwell.

Sgt. Riker's Civil War Trading Post, Ran Hundley.

Skirmish Line Relics, Eric Champigny.

Jim Stanley & Associates.

Stones River Trading Co,Tom Hays.

Virginia Civil War Relics, Plez Bagby.

Discussion groups:
Civil War Dealers and Collectors Association.
Civil War Collect  "CWC" subscription is free)
American Relic Hunters.
The Dogpile, Olin Shotwell.

American Digger Magazine, Butch Holcombe.

Historical sites:
Civil War Dealers and Collectors Association.
The Handley Library, Winchester Va
National Museum of Civil War Medicine.
Pamplin Park Civil War site.
Proof (serial numbers and inspector information for weapons).
A Virtual museum of Civil War Memorabilia.
Winchester Va regional tourism.
Civil War Data Base.

Civil War supplies and accessories:
Duraphone Metal detectors.
Grey-Star Cannon  Technologies.
Historical Reproductions  Jeff Posey.
My Southern Heritage   (reproduction weapons and supplies).
Sword Restoration Services, Tom Nardi.

Collector clubs:
Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association.

The Ogorsell Civil War Collection.
Eric Ott. 
Relicman, Henry Seldon.

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